Majed Ahmed Abdullah



He is Saudi Al Nassr club player, and the Saudi National team leader, and the most prominent scorer in the history of Saudi football.

He was born in 1958, in Jeddah city which is located on the Red Sea, his athletic life took off in 1977 from Riyadh city specifically El Nasr club after his father’s joining the coaching staff of the club, and following that his football career started.

Over the 22 years of his football career, his accomplishments would be engraved in the history as the golden age of El Nasr club, and the Saudi national team. He had the honor of participating in the Saudi National teams who got the Asian Cup for the first time in 1984.


File:Majed Abdullah in Asia Cup 1984.jpg

Majed Abdullah with the Asia Cup 1984

The second time was in 1988, he was qualified for the first time for the Olympic Games in 1984 and for the World Cup also for the first time in 1994. He also accomplished 11 regional, gulf and continental championships with his team.

The most important and biggest record in Majed’s career was his number of regional and international scores, for he is the first scorer in the history of Saudi, Gulf, Arabian and Asian football with a record of 500 goals

He was chosen as to play in the youth team right after only five times of participations in the Saudi Football League, and thus for the National first team directly.

He was, on the Arabian, Gulf and Asian levels, famous for his extraordinary goals, his outstanding talents and his powerful, noticeable presence in the most difficult times with both his team and the national team. His international fame had increased after engraving his name as an international scorer who was able to shake the nets of all the national teams and international clubs specially those who had won the World cup, for he had scored two goals in Brazil, and one in Argentina and another in England.

He did the same with international teams when he scored a fantastic dual in the net of Argentinean Puka Juniors, three goals in the Brazilian Sao Paolo the Portuguese Penfika and German Hamburg in the eighties. His fame went even high sky after he topped the list of the international Club 100, after having played 147 matches. In spite of the deletion of the 8 matches that was made by the Football International Federation for being not of the class “A”, he still topped the list for three consecutive years from 1995 to 1998. He played 139 matches, while his next competitor played 138 matches, and though he had retired playing, his name is still on the premier list. Also he was the first Arabian, Asian player to top the Club 100 as well as pertaining it for three consecutive years.

A large honorary celebration was held for him for achieving the title of Dean in 1995, a celebration that was attended by the Gulf and Arabian football stars like El Khateeb, Shoubair, El Haraivy, Mehaisen Algamaan, Zohair Bekheet and Saeed Aloweeran and many others in a unique event.

He gained the honor of being chosen for the national team along the time from 1977 till 1994 (except when he was injured). He quit playing internationally in July 1994 after taking part in The World Cup finals in the United States, as he led his team to qualify for round 2 in the most unique and unrepeatable accomplishment until now. That was why the Saudi spectators called him “The Golden Leader “for being attached to the best of the Saudi accomplishments over two decades.

In 1998, he announced his retirement for good after he played his last match with El Nasr club (12/4/1998) against the Korean Samsung team in the Asian Cup Of Cups finals, El Nasr team who had won the game and got the title under the leadership of Majed Abdullah, The Bulgarian Stushicove and the star Mehaisen  Algamaan, after that he was crowned as Captain of the team by his highness, the Saudi Prince, for winning the Cup of the Asian Championship, so, he knew how to conclude his career with mska.

He scored the last of goals for El Nasr team, Friday evening 10/4/1994 playing against the Turkmenistan Copitadge during the Asian Cup of Cups semi-finals for World cup with the end of the first half. He scored the last of his official goals with the national team in the last few minutes playing in the Asian finals of World Cup in 1994 against the Kuwaiti national team Tuesday evening (18/5/1993) and the game finished as 2/0.

He scored his last goals with the national team in a friendly game against Trinidad on Saturday 4/6/1994 during the preparations for the World Cup finals.

He played his last international matches against Belgium on Wednesday (29/6/1994) in the World Cup finals in which the Saudi team had won 1/0.

The whole of the critics and observers from inside and outside the kingdom had agreed upon the fact that he was the best player born in the Saudi play courts along the history.

His retirement celebration

A legendary retirement celebration was held for him in King Fahd international stadium in Riyadh on Tuesday (20/5/2008) in the presence of huge crowds that was over 70.000 spectators. And with the participation of the European Club of the Century Real Madrid with all its stars and under the leadership of his captain Raul Gonzales, and the honorary game ended with the historical victory of El Nasr team 4/1. Areen Robin had scored their only goal, mallek Ben moa’az had scored two goals, Saoud kreery scored one goal and Nasha’at Akram one goal. The honored superstar Majed played for about 15 minutes which were full of excitement and tears. In the minute 9, which matches Majed’s number, the spectators stood up for a whole minute and raised their right hand in, as a good gesture, just as he used to do when he expressed his joy after scoring goals, it was touching and impressive.

Winning the Premier League (for the first time in the history of the club) 1980 M.

Winning the premier League 1981 M.

Winning the King’s cup 1981 M.

Winning the King’s cup 1986 M.

Winning the king’s cup 1987 M.

Winning the premier League 1989 M.

Winning the King’s cup 1990 M.

Winning the League of the Custodian of the Holy Mosques 1995.

Winning the cup of the Gulf clubs (for the first time in history of the club) 1996.

Winning the cup of the Gulf clubs 1997 M.

Winning the cup of the Asian clubs (for the first time in history of the club) 1998.

His titles and records

Premier League scorer 1979 M, 1399 H.

Premier League scorer 1980 M, 1400 H.

Premier League scorer 1981 m, 1401 H.

Premier League scorer 1983 M, 1403 H.

Premier League scorer 1986 M, 1406 H.

Premier League scorer 1989 M, 1409 H.

The King’s cup scorer 1979 M.

The King’s cup scorer 1987 M.


The King’s cup scorer 1989 M.

The King’s cup scorer 1990 M.

The Crown prince Cup scorer, after changing its name from “The King’s Cup” to “The Crown Prince Cup” in 1991 M.

The most frequent player to achieve the title of League scorer (6 times) (a record).

The most frequent player to achieve the title of Cup scorer ( 5 times)(a record).

The most frequent player to score in the premier League (189) goals, ( a record).

The most frequent player to score in the Cup championship (47) goal, (39) of them in the King’s Cup, and (8) in the Crown Prince’s, (a record).

Scorer of the games in Tabriz, Iran in 1977 M.

Scorer in the international Friendly Games in Riyadh 1978 m.

Scorer of the Arabs, winner of the Golden shoe twice in 1981M, and 1989 M, (a record).

Scorer of the Sixth Gulf Games for national teams equally in 1982 M.

Scorer of the Prime liner Qualifier for Arab Cup (wasn’t held because of the Lebanese civil war) 1983 m.

Scorer of the Prime liner Qualifier for the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 1984 M.

 Scorer of the Prime liner Qualifier of Asia Cup 1984 M.

Scorer of the Sixth Arab Games 1985 M.

Scorer of the Asian Football Games in Soul 1986.

Scorer of the Qualifier for the Olympic Games in Soul 1988 m.

Best player in Asia for Three times (1984, 1985 and 1986) by the magazine Asia-Oceania Soccer before it’s been taken care of by the Asian


football federation.

Scorer of the gulf clubs twice, 1991 and 1997 m.

Best “this month player” in Asia, July 1995 M.

 Best “this month player” in Asia, January 1997 M.

The only player who, twice, had scored 5 goals at once in an international game.

The only player to score consecutively in 5 gulf championships for the National teams, as he was the most frequent Saudi player to score in the gulf National teams.

Record holder in the number of regional and International goals. He scored more than 553 goals, 229 of them are for the national team on both official and friendly levels. 324 goals are for El Nasr club also on both official and friendly levels. Not to mention his goals in the celebrative matches.

The only Arab player who was chosen by the FIFA to take part in its official committees in World Cup finals 1994 M.

He was listed as the most frequent player to score for his country’s national teams.

He was chosen as an ambassador for Fair Play by Football Arab federation 1999 M.

He was chosen as the player of the century in Asia, and was honored by President of the Football Asian Federation 1999 M.

He got the medal of Pioneers from the League of Arab State in February 2000 M.

He was chosen among the best 100 players during one century in the history of football around the world side by side with the greatest players.

He was chosen by Al  jazeera sports channel as the Player of the century in the Arab World.

He was chosen as a FIFA expert 2006 M.

He was chosen as Sixth scorer around the world from 1888 to 2008 M






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