Muheisen alJmean




Muheisen Al Jmean 

He was born in 15th of October 1966
 A previous Saudi football player who used to play for the Saudi football club "Al Nassr"
 He is considered as one of the best players in KSA football history who he used to play as a left wing player
 He is the most famous player who got t shirt number 11 and was entitled as "the cobra"
 "Mehisun Algamaan" is a good example of a well brought up player that enjoyed high sportive level/ high moral level and high value which all been referred to the good environment he lived in and to passing by all the normal stages the player is supposed to live in. bud team youth team and the first team
The thing that help us not to surprise while we are watching him playing with high professionalism and with special technique indicating the perfect functioning of what he gained of technical basis when he was young 


"The cobra" the title he was called for by Asian journals 1984  is considered to be the youngest Saudi player in KSA football history that used to play with first team players as a basic player  He participated in Singapore while he was less than 17 years  He had made a revolution in individual technical performance that had largely participated in enabling the Saudi first team to reach the finals of LA Olympic Games as the first large football championship been recorded in KSA football history in 80's
In that finals he got the "best Asian player" title plus to another shining in Singapore

In the same year 1984 the Saudi national football team returned to Singapore to participate in Asia national cup championship for first time so that the media nominated the green sportsmen to gain the cup  Our stars didn't miss it up and achieved wining after another  "Algamman" had an obvious footprint in this championship to bring the champion title of the largest continent in the world for the first time in its history
The cobra joined the national team in 1988 among constellation of stars that preserved the continental title which been achieved in Singapore 1984

King's cup 3 times: 1986 & 1987 & 1990

The Saudi league 3 times 1989 &1994 & 1995
Gulf cup twice 1996 & 1997

Prince  Fissal bin Fahad's cup 1998
The Asian cup winners cup 1998
The Asian super cup 1999

His international steps and achievements
 The Asian nationals cup with the Saudi national team 1984
 Reaching Olympic finals in 1984
 The Asian nationals cup 1988
 He played 130 international matches either official or friendly
 He scored 98 goals either in official or friendly matches
 Was called for his title "the cobra" by the Asian journals in Singapore 1984
 The youngest Saudi player that represented the Saudi national team while he was 14 years old in 1984  He represented all age stages for Saudi teams
 He participated in 3 international finals
Youth World Cup 1985 in Moscow
 World Olympic Games 1984 in LA
 World clubs championship 2000 in Brazil

The most famous coaches that supervised his training
Zagallo/ Carlos Alberto/ Henry Michelle/ Benieve/ Botchienick/ and Milan

 The best Asian player in Singapore 84 (LA qualifier)
 The best player in the 15th Asian cup winners' cup championship
 His goal been scored in "Alhelal" 1415H in the final of "the custodian of the two holy" league been chosen as the best goal in Asia in June
 The first player that moved the ball in the first "world clubs" championship in Brazil 2000
 His last participation with the national team was the world cup qualifiers 1998
 His last match with his club was in front of "Alethad" 1420H in Jeddah
 His first official match was in front of "Aletfak" in the shared league in Dammam in 3/3/1402H
 His first match in front of "Alarabi" football club from Onyzah/ which was friendly and finished with 2 goals scored by "Mehissun" to nothing for the other club
 The first one who gave him the green line was the Egyptian coach" Mahmoud AboRgellah" in 1402H in the shared league
 The national coach who discovered him was "AbdelHameed Seeka"
 The first one who gave him the chance to represent the national team was the Saudi coach "Khaleel Alzyanye"
 He was the first one to score a Saudi goal in youth world cup finals in Moscow 85 in front of Ireland
 His first goal with the national team was in front of New Zealand team 84 among the qualifiers to LA Olympics
 His first club level international match was in front the quatrain club "Alsad" in 19/12/1401H/ then he was one of the club youth players
 His first cup he holds while he was team captain was prince "Fisal bin Fahad" cup in 1418H
 He was the first Saudi player that led his team to "World clubs" world cup in Brazil 2000  He had the honor of leading "Al Nassr" club in the first international championship in the history of all Saudi/ Arabic and continental teams 
 He retired in Rabee the 2nd so that his club and the Saudi football as a whole lost one of the most prominent and shining players participated in left wing and center positions as well

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