Salem Marwan

Salem Marwan


The goal keeper of the Saudi Arabian team and Al Nassr team
    He is a player where we can’t shorten his history in a few lines as it is considered a story told with every ball he touched to his fans.
    Despite his appearance at a time where means of transport and techniques weren’t sophisticated and wouldn't help to remember old players, However he greatly impressed them as a footballer on the playground, and gain the love of the Saudi Arabian fans, in spite of goalkeeping position does not draw much public attention because the normal and natural that the attacker wins the limelight.
    Thanks to his scoring of goals one by one, he received the approbation and applause, but the fans are still looking to him as it’s his work and it’s very normal.
     Despite the goalkeeper has distinct roles restrict his movements on the playground and reduce the stardom, especially that although Salem Marwan’s era was full of stars and privileged attackers, Salem Marwan broke the rule and dazzle everyone and  it was a story deserved to be told in the evening with  every ball he confronted to.

Salem Marwan joined Al-Nasr club coming from Shemesi club, the small neighborhood club that organizes sessions with other districts teams in 1973.

    He was a reserve guard for the goalkeeper Mabrouk Al turkey for three years from 1973 to 1976. It was not easy to be a reserve guard to a significant guard as like Mabrouk Al turkey- the goalkeeper of Al_ Nasr team and the Saudi Arabia team that time- and prove yourself as both distinguished with both force and ferocity .
    He was known with his great morals. It’s enough that throughout his career he has only four yellow cards, all because of the delay in time.

Participations with the club

 He stopped in mid-season 1986 for the administrative differences. He has not played for two seasons.  In spite of the stop of play with his club, the coach called him to be the goalkeeper of Saudi Arabia team.  He participated in the Olympics of Seoul 1988 and then he returned once again to represent the club 1988.
When he led Al Nassr team to the final after standing his famous stand like a lion against El Ethad team and resisted two penalties, which made Al Nassr team play the final King's Cup 1989 against Eltaawon team.


•    The Kingdom of the junior team in 1973.
•    Youth team in 1975.
•    He shared summer school session in Alexandria, 75
•    participated in the Cup of Palestine, which was like a Cup Arabs now in Libya          in 1975.
•    The first team in 1976
•    participated in the friendship tournament in Iran in late 1976, after the union contract with the Saudi Academy "Jimmy Hill" English in 1976.
Salem became the principal guardian of the team and from 1976 to 1982. Although he was playing a reserve goalkeeper to the goalkeeper Mabrouk El Turkey in his club but his talent made him a first-choice explosive goalkeeper .That era was a golden era for Al Nassr Team which is full with stars in all positions to the extent that the Saudi team's goalkeeper in the club reserved the elements of the power of Al Nassr team that time, and his distinctiveness and this was before he ruled the Vampire guard for 14 consecutive years.
The first team he had participated in the World Cup qualifiers in 1978 and 1982.
He participated in the Asian Games in Thailand in 1978 and the Gulf Cup in Qatar in 1976 and in 1978 and in Iraq, as well as in Riyadh 1987.
He was excluded from the Saudi team in 1982 after his defeat from Nezlanda team 5-0 but was called again after injury goalkeeper Abdullah Daei in 1986.
At the Seoul Asian Games and what he did in that tournament will not erase from the memory of every Saudi citizen where we played in the quarter-final against the strong Iraq team.
And the legendary Saudi striker Majed Abdullah went out infected with a score 1-1.
The match went to penalty kicks, so Salem Marwan has repelled the three strikes penalty and scored a penalty goal against Iraq resulting shock and hysterical joy of the masses-present even the President of the Iraqi football, "Hussein Saeed," mentioned in one of the newspapers that he is a fan with Salem as he was the cause of the victory of the Saudi team to Iraq in the Asian Games and the game ended 9-8 for the Saudi team in the semi-final team played against Kuwait team.

The Outcome was 2.2 and we played penalty kicks, Marwan Salem repeled the final blow and the Saudi team qualified for the final.
Kuwaiti player declared that

Salem deceived me because his distinctive way deceives any player with its flexibility and opposite direction.

Salem Marwan against Iraq and Kuwait

Salem was chosen to be one of the top ten athletes in Asia after this championship and he was the only footballer in that list and won Asian cup in 1998.

His achievements with El- Nasr team 

He achieved with El- Nasr team the league championship 3 times

And The King's Cup three times

The most prominent trainers who trained him
1.    Blliopisa Borsch.
2.         Formaga Brazilian.
3.    Carpijani Brazilian.
4.    Herban French.
5.    Billy Bingham Irish.
6.         Brazilian Joel Santana.
7.    Brazilian Zagallo.
8.    Manley Brazilian.
 The last match he played was in front of Al Ittihad in the Saudi King championship in the semi-final .He entered into the extra second cycle after the equality of the two teams, the game reached penalties repel two-stroke penalty, qualified for the final victory ,and won the championship .




King's cup Semi-final plenty 8-9 Al Nassr


Unfortunately that was the last game he played.
 He has suffered a traffic accident which made his fans, his lovers and all the public Arabian fans shocked and extremely sad as he has exposed to a car accident ended his football career. The accident resulted in paralysis of his four then he entered the hospital for ten years in the city of Taif and then moved to the convalescent hospital in Riyadh.
He had one son called Abdul Rahman Salem Marwan had an accident then died.
His retirement ceremony was held in 1992.
The match between Al Nassr team and the first team of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the proceeds of the concert went to the player and his family and after the accident, our star became away from the press and media.
No one has directed Salem from the isolation that he chose for himself sportily although he still enjoys the love of the masses .The sports fans never forgets him despite his distance, his retirement, and the distance from the center of sports. He refused television interviews and did not appear. Just only in limited occasions which are approximately three times 
When he was honored with the players involved in the Club World Cup as a player and generosity of participants .The second time in the retirement of the Saudi football star Youssef El Nassian.
The third time was in the retirement of Majed Ahmed Abdullah from football legend Arabia in 2006 and the public Nasraoui applaud the player at the moment of fulfillment which can’t be forgotten.


Finally Marwan Salem is not a player that the fans may probably forget him. He was a lover of the team and the football; he has had a heart of a lion and is characterized by extreme cold.
He was a star who you may expect everything from him on the playground and follow him as a spearhead, not goalkeeper restricted with a specific area and made achievements in the golden age with the team and the club .He has achieved the ambition of any player with creativity and making achievements internally and externally.
Salem Marawan receives the King's Cup from King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz, may God have mercy on him

Salem Marawan receives the King's Cup from King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz



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