Abdulrahman bin Saud


The beginning


Prince "Abdulrahman bin Saud"

Prince "Abdulrahman bin Saud"
It easy to be the leader in certain stage but it is difficult to be the inspiration of generations.
Prince "Abdulrahman bin Saud" the heart of "Al Nassr", the successful president, who driving media crazy and the son of the king who if you meet him how just makes you feel he is just Ordinary citizen 
 no doubt you will feel as if you were one of his old friends.

It would be difficult to have charisma, smartness, and knowledge and success factors all in the same time. The late prince was a sportive symbol for all what he presented to his country, his club and the Saudi and generally the Arabic sports
He directly participated in Arabic sports in general and Saudi sports in particular developing. He was a pioneer of what he asked for from sportive laws and rules since 30 years which are being applied now.
He was a cultural, informative, legal, and in first class sportive treasure, he gave his life to sports and had lived for it.
But if you want to talk about "Abdulrahman", it would be better to talk about him as an inspiring man, leader, warrior, and a first class human rights worker as we used to see him like that and as he wanted many to follow up his steps.
 His manners, his heart touching talking and his frankly speech that made half of people fall in love with him and the other half fight him were like magic.
He used to speak frankly and perfectly, he was quick-witted but he had never been that insolent and rude man
Who tried to talk to him must laugh whatever that dialoguer used to do to provoke him and whatever that dialoguer used to do he wouldn't beat him in any dialog.
His real weapon was his tongue and his smart that had beaten all those who used to fight him whatever the mean was. It also was the weapon that opened hearts to him and made him a lasting king that would never be betrayed.
He was a successful man in making you smiling in the saddest and most difficult circumstances passing by the club, and had great ability in turning every fall into a new starting point that ended into a new achievement for "Al Nassr".
As he done in one of the worst situations passed by the fans, when the club had been beaten by "Alethad" by 5 goals in the start of the league which was a shocking and disappointing result. But instantly after the match he stated that it was the league vaccine and in that year "Al Nassr" won the league.
With him you wouldn't feel upset or depressed however things were complicated and unsolvable.
Among that momentum, stands and lowed noise that beat heart palpitations, fans didn't wait for the rule's whistle to be sure that we are the champions but they used to wait for the running of "Abdulrahman bin Souood" in the playground to make all celebrating.
He was engaged to everything related to "Al Nassr" so as he was a symbol for "Al Nassr
His personality was strange and unique so that you wouldn't help yourself falling in love with even if you were the most opposed to him.
All "Al Nassr" fans loved him so that they made him their god father and he used to love them as if they were his own children.
He didn't search for that position he had so he respected it and all fans gave him their love without limits and conditions. He gave the club everything his time and health.
For "Abdulrahman bin Souood", he didn't search for all that mass but he was astonished by.
With every white hair in his head a new generation of "Al Nassr" was born considering him model and bearing thinking and legal methodology, that what "Al Nassr" fans are special for rather than other Saudi fans. You can find all "Al Nassr" fans keep laws and rules of the Saudi union, and even if anyone doesn't know law he starts to search for it if the club is involved in case or been insulted by any one.
 Yes they are very fanatic to their club but they had been directed to search for evident and law to object by which makes fans that defend their club as best lawyer, as law is prior to fanatic to them. 
It's difficult to administrate a club that achieves championships without being fought from every direction and others trying to get from you with every possible way. But it was easy for a lawyer studied law to defend people.
He was the president of the club for 40 years and used to fight in every single day.
Without purpose he planted a small man working in human rights in every fan of "Al Nassr" calling for his rights that had been mirrored in their sportive and social lives.
He had created a general atmosphere that helps in defending using evident in first step then analysis and logical discussion, and among that he created very unique type of fans in the Saudi sportive area

He was born in: 19/11/1946

His father was king "Saud bin Abdulaziz" and his mother was princess "jawhara bnt Turky bin Ahmed Alsedeery", she was died when he was 15 and he had written a very impressive poem showed his poetry gift he has


He studied in "Alangal" institute in KSA and specialized in Law later.

He was indescribable sportive that he was the goal keeper in the institute

He won best goal keeper cup.


He practiced equestrian and obstacles jumping and had won some championships. He also practiced swimming and was in the beginners' team of the central region in schools while teams of regions used to compete


He was famous for his interest in literature and poetry and started writing when he was young. He used to participate in the scholar journal and used to make interviews with elder students in the school, "Abdularhman bin Saud" was a movable energy was about to blow.


When he was fourteen, one of his romantic poems was broadcasted as a song in the Saudi radio, coincidently it was the first romantic song been broadcasted in the history of the Saudi radio which shocked the audience, then it was very different from now and it was not familiar to people to hear romantic songs in the radio. That made the prince feels that he embraced the king "his father".

After a general denying reaction from some categories in the society towards that accident and towards the son of the king in particular to be the writer of that poem he was shocked of that accident reaction and had chosen a nickname for himself which was " Boy of Najd" to find a place to write freely far from politics


"Najd" is the place where the prince was born. The prince used to respect his father a lot and he was "the king" the main cause of unique formation of the prince personality. Once he was asked "what was the effect of king Saud on you?"

And he answered: "he directed me as a father and treated me as a student; he made me love poetry, culture and thinking thanks to the huge and wonderful library he used to keep in house. Also I've loved sports due to my father's encouraging and watching it in schools and clubs and rest of sports like horses' race and football.

Also my father kept poetry by heart especially some lines he used to say and put in his office and bedroom, I kept them by heart when I was young and still say up till now".


And so prince "Abdulrahman" lived in an atmosphere that encouraged him to read and write in very young age and his sharp intelligence helped him to be excellent in a small and closed society in those years prince "Abdulrahman" lived in. Then also there were a lot of changes in the kingdom. His father was the first king after the death of the king's father who was the founder of KSA so the country was facing very new developments in technical, sportive and social aspects


Because of that environment he lived in and helped him to read and to explore life, he used to publish his poems using nickname in very young age. It is one of the secrets that were not revealed by anyone unless years and years had passed. He had written some of most special poems that turned into songs in the kingdom but all ignored who the writer is. Then it was normal to find writers with nicknames to enable poets to feel free in expressing feelings and thoughts without people judgments or to avoid having personalities which are not their real personalities due to their writings. The poet is an imaginative person that puts himself in a virtual world and writes about suffering, love, adore and about home country.

It was not acceptable by many poets either from princes or from ordinary citizens to be captured in their writings and the characters they write about or to allow those writings to reflect social reality about themselves that's not true and so those writings will affect the way people look to their environments.

Because it is easy to write in a civilized society but actually it is closer to villages culture due to communication strength and every neighbor knowing and very high concentration on others deeds, any event done by anyone either known or not can be easily turned into summer talking plus to rumors and analysis


"Abdulrahman" looked for freedom using that nickname far away from politics and its complications and protocols and far from the prestige as well, but later he stopped publishing because of involving in sportive field excluding rare cases, specially that he thought that poet writes and expresses about his own feelings and it is not necessary to publish every single poem. In his poems there were amount of explicity and obviousness that may make some society categories angry, he said once:" the poet gets affected by what is surrounding him from his friends experiences in certain accidents he may be witness on them and so he will assume that accident happened to him and so he will suffer and so publishing such poems may annoy others" also the most important reason that stopped him from publishing is his long period of presidency to the club and being so occupied and so saturated of being famous.

Prince "Abdulrahman" practically couldn't walk in street as an ordinary citizen either inside or outside KSA or in any touristic country where Arabs are there from years due to huge number of fans and huge popularity the club enjoys inside and outside the country.

And so an internal desire been formed inside him to stop drawing attention as fame is too hard and he was satisfied by that number of fans and started to run away from lights as possible outside borders of sports. So his poems were rarely published and majority was locked in drawers.


The club

In 1960, "Abdulrahman bin Saud" came to the club. He was so young as he was born in 1946.Some of close people asked him to be president of the club beside to the artist "Farag Altalal" and the Saudi master and thinker "Fahd Alrashdan", shortly before that time uncle of "Fahd Abdullah bin khamis" had established the Saudi newspaper "Aljazeera", and country was facing developments in technology and media after the union and announcement of the establishment of the state.

The boss of the newspaper office then was "Rashed Fahd Rashed" who came to the prince and asked him to be the president of the club. Before that many clubs that were more famous offered their presidency on him.

But he adored the word victory (the meaning of the Arabic word "Al Nassr"), he was fascinated by anything related to victory once he was asked why you love "Al Nassr", he answered:" Now in everything there is victory, in working, in studying, in life everything is related to victory as anyone grows looking after victory in his life"

He loved the word victory so much that when he was a student in the institute and was the class supervisor and then the responsible student must attach page of notes about the class on the wall, he called that page, page of victory as a contradiction to other students.

So when he been asked to be "Al Nassr" president he accepted immediately and asked about the colors of the club, they answered him to choose between "Red & yellow" and "yellow and blue" so he had chosen the "yellow and blue" to be the colors of club logo and said "Earth is mine and sky is mine" yellow is the color of sand and blue is the color of sky.


He lead "Al Nassr" from a 2nd class team to a 1st class team championships monopolist, "Al Nassr" was not a sportive club only but also a literature club that many cultural seminars were held in, the effect of the poet and the writer in his personality was always there.


His interest in literature made him caring about the cultural side and merges it with the sportive side in the club very early, the club's headquarter had seen a lot of seminars as well as his home.

Being older and getting age didn't decrease his multiple activities as his history was full of activities that no one could believe that a man in his age could have many hobbies and activities as he was.

In his era most special players were presented to the Saudi sports that passed by the history of Asia. They won championships and achieved records with "Al Nassr" and the Saudi national team.

"Al Nassr" then became the first club that represented Asia in Clubs world cup in the biggest sports forum for clubs which was a unique achievement locally and in Asian as well, that would be always called for "Al Nassr" rather than other clubs in the continent, "Al Nassr" then won the cup of fair play. And as usual the name of "Abdulrahman bin Saud" was engaged to best achievements in "Al Nassr".


Arabic activities:

Due to his legal experience and his lasting writings about sportive rules modification and Arabic sports development, sports communities and Arabic unions called for him to develop sports.

He had never refused to participate in any course to develop sports or to offer his suggestions; no one needed to talk to him personally to make general idea about his developing suggestions.

The man used to write strong articles that criticize rules and systems and put solutions, that been applied after years.

His frankly speaking with some people put them in embracing situations, other people didn't know how to deal with such frankly speaking man and so turned into fighting him, and so the media war was part of his sportive history including all what he had suffer from for years of criticism due to competitive reasons or due to his criticism to their work.

He had achieved many external achievements and had won many medals of honor, but unfortunately he didn't been honored locally except once.


Prizes and medals

       Prize of international Olympic community as the most remarkable person that served sports last century.

  Arab pioneers medal presented by Arab Nations University to appreciate his contributions in supporting Arabic sports.

     The big international sportive merit from international judgment community

  Locally: "Almoftaha" prize which been given to him by prince of "Aseer" "Khaled Alfaysal".


His personal life

      He married twice

     First was princess "Salma bnt Mohamed" and gave birth to 3 sons

o      Prince Khaled

o      Prince Faisal

o      Princess Aljawhara

The 2nd was princess "Jawahr bnt Naser bin Abdulaziz Al Saud", she is the mother of:

o      Prince Mamdouh

o      Prince Saud

o      Prince Fahd

o      Princess Manal

o      Princess Ahd



His practical life:

Although being famous and hard sportive work, he practiced law, he was a barrister and used to plead for human rights issues and won many of them. His work was not famous as in sports, all known him as the sports man who gave more than 40 years of his life to serve sports.



Along preceding years his Excellency prince "Abdulrahman bin Saud" had many positions, of them:

General Manager of football teams in KSA in 76.

The chief of the Saudi union of volley ball for more than 16 years.

The chief of the Saudi union of basket ball.

The boss of the technical community in the Saudi union of football.

Member of high community of professionalism.

Member of Saudi football union.

Member of Olympic Arabic Saudi community.

Been the boss of more than sportive delegation that represented KSA.

Made many seminars locally and internationally.


His heart could not bear any more

His death

In 29/7/2004 suddenly and without any previous signs official TV announced the statement of the Saudi royal court announcing the death of "Abdulrahman bin Saud" the son of the 2nd king of Saudi Arabia

It was a shock to all and for long hours fans waited for news denying and moved towards his brother's home prince "Nayef bin Saud" but he had nervous breakdown at once he heard about his brother's death and couldn't meet thousands directed to his home to ensure the news in the capital "Riyadh" but it was the truth, prince "Abdulrahman" died, leaving before him generations been born on his hands and a club that achieved everything and all details engaged to his name, the real establisher of "Al Nassr" had died

"Abdulrahman" suffered from problems in his heart.He had heart attack while he was with the team to meet "Alwehda" club in "Mecca" in 1998 and been transferred to hospital, then in the same year 1998 he travelled to USA and made some medical checks revealed his need to make open heart operation to change a valve but he refused to do such operation and was satisfied by the process of cardiac catheterization.

He went back to KSA and physicians were sure that he was in bad need to the surgical operation

In 2004 two months before his death, he had been kept in the military hospital in Riyadh for 24 days due to blockage in the arteries of the heart and a pacemaker was installed, then he had left with medical advices to make the operation as soon as possible and stating that the situation is an emergency, finally he accepted and his son prince "Mamdouh" travelled to Paris to make the necessary procedures to make the operation to his father next week


But his sickness and medical situation didn't stop him from attending team exercises, he was there in Tuesday 27/7/2004 in the exercise and told his son "Saud" that he was intending to make simple surgical operation, he didn't have the intention to make who were around him to worry, and no one knew that it was the end and it was the farewell.

He told his son that his doctor enjoying vacation and will come back in Monday and he was about to travel in Wednesday 4/8/2004.

Although he was suffering badly and secretly and despite being on the edge, he was organizing "Al Nassr" fans for entrancing the club himself, and be sure of the easiness of their entrance to the club and attendance of exercises themselves while he was smiling


He couldn't resist anything related to "Al Nassr" and couldn't help himself working for it until all that exhausted him, he recorded 10 of the most special and talented players then in the club in youth team, beginners team and first team.

At the night of his death he was wake up due to time difference to make telephone calls to contract with new foreign players for the new season ...

Moment of breakdown

Suddenly he had suffocation later revealed that it was heart attack and been transferred to the specialty hospital in Riyadh and while he had been transferred he said nothing but Quran and prays and then the heart that loved faithfully to the last beat stopped, the heart that made life full of activity and sound for 50 years stopped, the heart that been exhausted by sports for more than 45 years stopped

The heart that got sick with the team and was beating for the team stopped.

He died and nothing can describe that moment


Do you think you know everything about "Abdulrahman bin Saud"? We think so.

In Muslim rites when a person dies, he must be washed and shrouded then is taken to mosque (Masjed) to pray for him where people are there to pray once then the dead body is carried to the grave and afterwards all people leave.

But "Abdulrahman bin Saud" was an exception even in his death, until now people come to pray for him, who are those?

That what made all concerning, the coming people appearance was not usual, they were not just regular club fans and some of them were not Arabs, the social rank of the late prince didn't help expecting that they were his best friends, specially that they look poor.


They were completely far from sports but they saw him from another side. They didn't come for the 45 years of fame, lights and sports and so they didn't come because he was a prince

But they attended because of the human named "Abdulrahman", they were poor and simple who had been helped by him. They heard about his death and came to pray for him expressing their love and sadness for his death.



That was "Abdulrahman bin Saud" as we knew and loved and as we will always remember in his last scene the beating heart for all of us


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